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 Guild rules

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PostSubject: Guild rules   Guild rules I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 02, 2013 7:31 am

Main rules:

-Respect guildmembers, dont insult, be patient and dont flame or treat members in a bad way.
-FT2 and MO can be done with other guilds/friends
-When joining here you contribute to our rules and we expect you to follow them.
-Only 1 alt char is allowed.
-Main language - English and only English.
-If a member cant joing tg because of waiting list other guild members make their score and relog.
-When u are inactive for some reason, always mail the GM why and how long.
-We dont stimulate alz/cc buyers or any kind of cc abuse.


-Guild price discount is -25% for dungeon party , -%15 for all members (for full guild members only!).
-If more than one player want to buy the dropped item, they will decide it by rolling the dice.
-Trial members aren't allowed to take rare / unique items, for example: lot is not allowed for tyrant ring. (breaking this rule-kick from guild)
-Trial members are able to buy the dropped items, but only if noone else need it from the side of full guild members.
-After obtaining the Leth Tyrant ring, you dont have to pay a cr2 to the party.
-If you bought a party drop, for example: BoX +7, you can keep your old one. (if you have 2 bofx7 you wont be able to buy any others)
-Party leader in bigger dungeons is always the  GM/Leader
-In smaller dungeons, you can decide personally about how to share.
-Epic drops musn't be sold in the first 3 days, to give guildmembers a chance to buy.
Epic drops = items of highest grades for example eox+8, mith max craft. (double amped lower grade parts.
-Partymembers have the first priority to buy drops, guildmembers can buy if partymember doesnt want the item.
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Guild rules
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