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PostSubject: Recruitments   Recruitments I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 02, 2013 7:13 am

Recruitment Status is: OPEN


- Please make sure to read guild rules (in General and visitors forum section) before you apply

- lvl 165+ (can make exceptions if you lvl to 165 for 2 weeks, also if you know someone from guild)

- rings: +2 minimum

- armor: all parts 7 amp atleast

- eof or eos +7 or higher

- Please also make sure to:

- be a friendly persom
- have good reputation (not alz buyer or scamming)
- have average english skills
- have not been in negative contact with one of our members
- help guild mates if possible
- be active in guild chat and dungeons
- you are not a guild shifter ( a person who tends to change guilds often )

If accepted you will be given trial status.To pass trial you have to be active and making dungs with guild members.While in trial you do not get items with guild price.
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